(note: Web development is not web design, it is the the programming and code that drives a website)

We pride ourselves in our capability of developing websites. We have been doing it since 1996 and have become extremely capable at doing it.

Many organisations fail to provide a complete solution when it comes to a customised development. Pixelated are aware of all the areas pertaining to web-development and you can rest assured that any solution we offer will be: appropriate for you, secure from malicious users, accessible by the disabled (where appropriate), search-engine friendly, W3C standardised and use the most appropriate technology for your solution.

We have developed e-commerce solutions, customer-relationship-management systems, search engines, and simple websites for organisations of all sizes. Whether it be a simple 'web-presence' or a complex database driven, interactive system, we can do it all!

We also provide customisations on open-source software. Instead of embarking on a complete customised solution, we will often utilise this free software either in part or in whole - depending on how appropriate the software is for you.

Please review our portfolio to get some more information on some of the projects we've worked on.



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